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Employment Screening Compliance

Employee Background Screening service in Bangladesh

HR BPO Outsourcing Services

Our compliance experts can work with you to address the most pervasive compliance risks:

  • Updating Forms —We can help with your consent forms, pre-adverse and adverse action notifications and making sure that consumer notices all reflect recent regulatory changes made at the federal and state levels.
  • Implementation of Adverse Action Process—We offer services that assist you to send the proper notifications to candidates who may be, or who have been disqualified from the hiring process due to background screening results.
  • Rethinking Self-Disclosure—We have resources to help you determine whether it’s still in your best interest to ask candidates to disclose information about past criminal convictions on job applications—and how you can address self-disclosure later in the process.
  • Analyzing Your Timing—Conducting a background check too early in the process may unintentionally weed out qualified candidates. We’ll help ensure that your checks are done at an optimal time and they follow all necessary authorizations and disclosures.
  • Exploring Individualized Assessments—To comply with the EEOC’s guidance on the use of criminal background checks, we can work with you to develop a formal individualized assessment process and take prudent steps to document everything carefully.
  • Adjusting Screening Criteria—We offer services to assist you in evaluating every open position within your organization to make certain your screening criteria are applicable, adding and/or eliminating background screening criteria based upon their relevance to the job.
  • Eliminating Bright Line Hiring Criteria—Bright line elimination of candidates with a criminal record is a no-no. We’ll assist you in responsibly removing these criteria from your screening and suggest alternatives that will pass muster with the EEOC.
  • Limiting Your Search Parameters—Some states limit the number of years that criminal records can be considered. Others don’t allow arrest records to be considered during background checks. We’ll help you establish the best search parameters and apply reporting rules to ensure alignment with the regulations of the states in which you’re hiring.
  • Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality—We provide tools to help ensure that protected and sensitive information is not shared inappropriately within your organization.

Today’s hiring landscape is laced with legal risks and pitfalls at every turn.

Employee Rights :

Misuse of personal, sensitive information for hiring decisions can lead to illegal and discriminatory hiring practices. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is just one of many laws used to protect employees against injustices in hiring.

Workplace Safety :

Companies have a “duty of care” to protect their workforce from employees who pose a security risk. That means employers must identify and avoid hiring high-risk applicants, but within a transparent and fair hiring policy.

Adverse Action :

FCRA-compliant consumer reporting agencies provide the processes for notifying a candidate when a background check uncovers adverse information. Our process includes a built-in opportunity for candidates to dispute the information.

Talent Solutions: Background & Employment Screening

Being able to easily monitor and manage your background screening program is no longer a nice to have. It’s a must have. With timely, insightful analytics and intelligence, you can make smarter, more strategic HR decisions and gain confidence that you’re hiring the most qualified and vetted candidates, faster and more efficiently.

We’ve developed a comprehensive set of program reports & analytics to help you more easily monitor and manage your program. You can view and download your own reports any time and get real-time data within seconds.