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Drug Testing & Occupational Health Services

Workplace Drug Testing & Occupational Health Screening

Drug Testing & Occopational Health Services

It’s no secret that substance abusers are less productive, more prone to errors, a workplace safety threat and more likely to file workers’ compensation claims.

Protect your organization and your workforce with HR Reco’s reliable drug testing and occupational health screening solution. Depending on your pre-employment screening needs, HR Reco can provide accurate, compliant drug testing, alcohol testing and any necessary physical or medical examinations.


Employers can now create and manage a comprehensive substance abuse and employment drug testing program with far less effort, no paperwork and greatly improved accuracy. HR Reco’s drug testing and alcohol screening solutions are among the fastest and most convenient available with:

  • A nationwide network of 12,000+ collection sites and health clinics (many with paperless processing)
  • Electronic results that are instantly integrated into HR Reco’s technology platform upon release
  • Medical Review Officer-verified results that ensure the highest accuracy for drug and alcohol tests

Reco supports all the components of both regulated and non-regulated drug-free workplace (DFWP) testing programs, including:

  • Previous employer Department of Transportation (DOT) reference verifications
  • Random testing selection, oversight, and compliance reportin
  • Protocol and policy development
  • Online and onsite employee training
  • Mock substance abuse test auditing

support of medical qualification of job applicants and employees, HR Reco helps employers select the correct location with appropriate medical personnel to perform necessary physical and fitness-for-duty exams, and even schedule tests and receive results electronically.

HR Reco provides:

  • Medical examiner certifications for Federal Aviation Authority (pilot), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (CMV driver) and U.S. Coast Guard (merchant mariner) positions
  • Post-hire physical and fitness examinations to ensure capability to meet a job’s physical demands
  • Diagnostic testing for and surveillance of infectious diseases

Sterling can help regulated employers meet other workplace safety obligations as well, including:

  • Driver Qualification File Management
  • Hours of Service (Driver Logs)
  • Motor Vehicle Records