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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition & Management Solutions



Here, you’ll help attract, lead, support and reward our most valuable asset: our high caliber people. Here, you’re expected and empowered to be your best, to grow and to develop your skills. Be prepared to move quickly, to engage proactively, and to think strategically.

We recognise that campaigns can consume vast amounts of resources and time before that special talent is found, worse still, if not done well it can create untold damage to your brand in the marketplace and impact your position as an “employer of choice”.

We bring our experience to the table and work with you through all 3 phases of any campaign, be it a one-off or an ongoing cycle.

  • Attract: Once a clear profile of the talent required is agreed, we can activate multiple channels to search for and attract project management talent that meets the brief.
  • Assess: Our experienced consultants will sift and assess the applicants against the brief taking forward only those with the relevant profile and experience. All other applicants will be dealt with in a professional manner to ensure that your brand is protected.
  • Select: Arras People consultants will conduct the first level of screening in order to develop a shortlist of candidates who are suitable for further consideration. Your company, the role and their suitability will be discussed in detail and clear expectations about the process will be set. Once prepared the shortlist will be submitted for consideration and discussion. We can then work with you through the next selection phases or you can take the shortlist and manage them through an internal process. Either way we will be available to offer whatever help and assistance that you may require.
The broader objectives of talent management and succession planning are:  
  • Collaborate, consult and communicate effectively with all  stakeholders throughout the recruitment lifecycle
  • Effectively manage shifting levels of workload in a dynamic environment
  • Work effectively with other Human Capital functions to ensure consistency in policy and process management
  • Identify and assess customer needs utilizing systems and technology to take the appropriate action
  • Support and adapt to process improvements and future enhancements / best practices  
  • Gathers and analyzes information to understand problems and situations 
  • Train new HR Service Advisors and Recruiters that join our department
  • Identify issues related to the recruitment process and escalate as appropriate
  • Assist on projects related to Staffing, Mergers & Acquisitions, onboarding, assessments and technology case management
  • Work independently and continually think outside of the box; conveys openness to change and willingness to try new things 
  • Communicate in a clear and concise manner
  • Approach processes and projects from a broad and Global perspective
  • Maintain discretion when tasked with processing confidential information

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We provide:

Talent Management

  • Develop talent review guideline with appropriate matrix
  • Assist to identify talent pool as per agreed criteria/guidelines
  • Establish success profile and evaluate talent pool accordingly
  • Design development interventions for talents

Succession Planning

  • Identify key positions considering size of business, growth potential, organizational complexity etc.
  • Create success profile for selected positions
  • Review succession planning process in terms of readiness, individual competences versus success profile, prioritization and analyze the gaps.
  • Identify and formulate action plan to close the gap