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Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Security Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services design and build cyber threat intelligence (CTI) processes and solutions within your security operations to optimize your ability to consume, analyze and apply threat intelligence to protect the business. Our services focus on strategic planning, threat communications, technical solutions and workforce expertise required to implement an intelligence-driven cyber security program.

As trusted advisory to many large organisation and industry around the world, HRRECO member firms work to find smart, creative and forward-thinking strategies to cut through complexity and address cyber security challenges.

Proactive Security

HrReco’s strategic, operational and technical reporting and alerts.

Threat Diagnostic

Build a baseline threat profile that includes the motives, intentions and capabilities of threat actors targeting your business.

Be Informed

Reports, alerts, feeds and rules are immediately available, organized, and searchable via an intuitive web interface.

Your Defenses

Consume intelligence directly into enterprise systems in real time. Help optimize aspects of current intelligence functions and security operations centers

Know Your Adversary

For effective cyber security, knowledge and insight are essential. If you don’t understand who your adversary is, you can’t eliminate them and the risks they pose.

  • Is this adversary a risk to my organization?
  • What are their capabilities and intentions?
  • Have they been — and are they currently — active in my environment?

To answer these critical questions, you need timely reporting and actionable intelligence that provides the full context for these threats.

IT advisory services

The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth.

The Benefits

Anticipate, identify and prioritize threats to reduce exposure and adapt defenses

Intelligence Capability Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of your current threat intelligence capabilities and the integrated throughput of intel across multiple I.T.-related domains and disciplines.

Risk Assessment

Assess risk based on the adversary’s motivation, capability and impact.  Better align security resources to the most relevant, impactful threats.

The financial and reputation

The financial and reputation costs to recover from cyber attack can materially impact public and private organizations

Our Skills