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Employment VISA

Visa processing service for foreign nationals in Bangladesh

HR BPO Outsourcing Services

Experts/advisers/employees/individuals appointed in government/semi-government/autonomous bodies/ projects and equivalent organizations.  Or Individuals employed in local/foreign government/semi-government/liaison/Industrial/commercial organizations or other equivalent organizations.  The Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) has slapped a restriction on recruitment of low-skilled foreign workers in the country’s industrial and commercial enterprises.

Applicable to individual visiting for:

1.  Supply                                                                        

2. Installation

3.  Maintenance of equipment and software           

4.  Supervision of projects

Main purpose/objective of the visa

Supply of software and machineries/ installation/maintenance/training/supervision/project visit


Maximum of Three Months

Extension in Bangladesh 

Once the expatriate into Bangladesh with the short visa, he needs to obtain the work-permit from BIDA/BEPZA. The work-permit can be granted for a period of One to two years.

Then the expatriate needs to apply to the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) along with relevant documents for extending the visa.

The DIP upon receiving the Security clearance and the work-permit can extend the visa for the full employment period or maximum three years, whichever is shorter.