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Employment Contracts And Handbooks

Employment Contracts And Handbooks

Employment Contracts

Having up to date policies and processes in place is an important foundation of effective people practices – not only to comply with key aspects of legislation but to ensure managers are fair consistent, and that employees know what is expected of them.

HR Reco offers a range of services to support you in ensuring you have appropriate and legally compliant employment contracts and handbooks procedures.

We can review your existing documentation, or develop bespoke employee handbooks and supporting documentation to ensure you are fulfilling your legislative duties, and working in line with best practice.

We can also advise on practical ways to communicate your policies, practices and train managers in their application.

For more information about Employment Contracts and Handbooks, please contact the HR Reco team on +880 16 76 36 76 16 or

Work Highlights

  • Carrying out a full review and redraft of the employee handbook for a well known national food manufacturer and providing training to the HR team on the content and effect of the changes
  • Preparing new service agreements for a senior management team on behalf of a venture HR Reco client acquiring a national hardware manufacturing business
  • Drafting a new drugs and alcohol policy for an international services client, taking into account specific concerns and issues that had arisen so as to ensure that the policy would fully meet its needs
New HR Documents

HR Reco have years of experience in writing essential employment documents from scratch. Nothing that we provide is ‘off the shelf’ – we tailor our contracts, handbooks and policies specifically to your organisation to help you achieve your business goals.

We will:

Write your documents in plain English
Tailor your documents to reflect the culture of your organisationEmployment contracts and handbooks we-hate-legalese

We will not:

Blind you with clauses that you cannot explain to your staff
Include nonsensical clauses or clauses that are totally irrelevant to the way your business operates
Copyright our documents or charge you each time you issue them

If HR Reco can support you with either a simple half page policy on dress code at work, or with fifty lengthy policies on every subject under the sun, please do give us a call and you might be surprised how quickly these things that seem to have been sat in your in tray for so long can be completed! Talk to us for a quote so we can get it done and off your to do list.

Excellent service and legal advice from team specializing in employment contracts and handbooks law delivering an amazing client experience for companies in Bangladesh.

We believe a well drafted employment contract is an employer’s greatest asset when it comes to employing people.

A comprehensive staff handbook is a vital complementary document in which an employer can set down policies, procedures and rules in more detail.

Being absolutely clear about both parties’ rights and duties at the outset can prevent disputes later on and, if issues do arise, having the power to manage them effectively will reduce uncertainty for everyone involved.

There is no such thing as a standard employment contract, as every employer is different and will have its own needs and requirements.

Our dedicated team will take the time to understand your business and to consider how best to protect it contractually.

Our experience also enables us to provide input and advice that will ensure your documentation is right up to date and suitable for your industry and your workforce.

Over time, things can change, and of course the law changes too, which is why we often review our clients’ existing documentation for compliance, and suggest updating where required.

Employment Documentation

Given how fast employment law and HR best practice can change, we recommend your employee documentation is reviewed once a year.

Why? Well as many of you will have experienced, the minute you have a complex staffing issue, that is when an up to date and well thought through employee contract and handbook could save you literally hours and hours of management time and probably thousands of pounds as well!

Contract And Handbook Reviews

If you have documents in place, but they updating call us for a quote. your documents and we can quote you? This is too important a set of documents not to keep up to date and we can usually do it both cheaper and faster than your average employment solicitor!