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Employee Background Verification

Employee Background Verification Services

HR Services, Human Resource Services, Recruitment Process

It’s risky to make a hiring decision when you aren’t sure you have the complete picture. But when you work with HrReco, you clear away that uncertainty. Controlled release keeps sensitive employee information protected and helps you establish a strong verification policy that ensures compliance and minimizes risk. As our client, we’ll work with you to customize the verification and data files to fit your organization’s unique needs.

You simply can’t afford a bad hire. HR Reco background checks and screening solutions mean the difference between making a smart hiring decision and making a terrible mistake.

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Verify Employment - Employee Background Checks

Identity & Credit

Establish your applicant’s identity, address history and personal responsibility.

Reference & Credentialing

Confirm the information provided on a resume and/or job application.

Applicant Tracking

On-boarding solutions designed to save time and money.

Driver's Records

Determine eligibility for driving a company or personal vehicle for business use.

Substance Abuse & Physicals

Organization from workplace accidents, violence and rising health care costs.

Small Business Solutions

For employers that hire less than five (5) people per month.

Criminal Records

Identify criminal convictions or lack thereof so that you can hire with confidence

Global Solutions

For a global workforce or organizations who hire individuals that reside overseas.

Personal Background Check

Discover what potential employers will find on your background check.